Ciao my name is Angelo and my passion is to tell the stories of people’s lives. Each life and story is equally important. I believe that there are two moments in a life of a person in which love – true love – the kind of love for which is worth living, becomes tangible. The events I’m talking about are marriage and the birth of a child. In those moments it’s possible to touch and truly experience love. I strongly believe in what we do and I love to do it wholeheartedly.

I love to work unobtrusive into your wedding day. I believe in the art of storytelling; capturing all the great and small moments as they unfold, capturing every real emotions, and to make them last forever. I love to seeing your eyes filled with tears of joy. I love the smiles of children and listening to the wise words of older people.

I’d like to be inspired by the beauty of the location that you have chosen for your wedding ceremony. My greatest desire is to let you experience all over again the feelings and emotions of your wedding day, to create a truly documentary and artistic film that will reflect your own personality

I believe that art is not only the result of our minds, but it’s inspired by the Creator of every artistic expression, God. Even though art and mind must work together. I firmly believe that there is a fundamental that we must take in consideration: the Soul. I truly understood the importance of our work and how important it is to captur each moment as it happens – to make it indelible over time.


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