wedding videographer italyCiao, my name is Angelo, I’m an Italian filmmaker & storyteller, but first of all I’m a father, husband, christian, musician and a normal human like you with warts and all. My passion is to tell the stories & memories through a cinematic film, yes it’s possibile to create a real film of our emotions! I found that one of our best memories that should be told and saved forever is wedding and I found in it the right inspiration to tell a story.

I love my job because it gives me the possibility to always live in a space of celebration and love and I’d like to be inspired by the beauty of the location that you have chose for your wedding ceremony. After a lot of study and research on this industry, I found that the best way to tell this story is capturing all the great and small moments as they unfold, capturing every real emotions, and to make them last forever. I love to work with unobtrusive way like a guest at your wedding, in order to give at your emotions the possibility to come out and be natural without poses or something stressful.

I really believe in what I do and I really do not this just for me but especially for you!



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